Testimonials from parents about Nunnbetter Dance Theatre…

uitomiU6qPN96PUWHugWbyp3HY_Fd2PU6fKa_KJFlVgExcellent training and caring atmosphere: This is clearly the best dance studio in the area. Here’s why. Leath Nunn was an accomplished principal ballet dancer with a memorable career. He knows what is needed to become a fine dancer; but he is a fabulous teacher because he infuses his classes with humor and caring as well as an insistence on proper technique. (The rest of his staff follows his lead.) Students here will probably be expected to work harder than other area schools, but they will take away a love for dancing combined with solid basic techniques. Each school year is highlighted by a full scale Nutcracker plus a Spring Performance. Our kids love it, and they are inspired by “graduates” who keep coming back for visits into their college years and beyond.

There Really Is NUNNBETTER!: My daughter has danced in New York for over eight years and accomplished and fine-tuned more technique during her four weeks at NUNNBETTER Summer Dance Intensive in Bergenfield, New Jersey. It was a wonderful experience for her self-esteem and self-confidence – not to mention furthering her respect and love of dance. Leath Nunn shares his love of dance and years of experience in a unique and challenging program allowing young dancers the opportunity to reach beyond what they thought were their limits. He nurtures the creativity of each individual student while developing the skills needed to support a company. Students are taught not only the disciplines needed to perform their art, but also experience the life of the professional dancer through offsite performances, last minute choreography changes, and managing artistic differences to benefit the company. My daughter continued to dance long after this wonderful and enriching experience to any music, in any room – such was the outcome of the four week intensive. I asked if she wanted to spend next summer in Europe with her aunt or another summer at NUNNBETTER and her response was simply, “Europe can wait.”

Cannot find a better dance school in Bergen County.  Both my kids are there — one for 10 years and it has done wonders. . . Best staff in the world, they focus on what’s important, the basics and then watch the kids grow.  Thank you Nunnbetter!

free_dance_offerTestimonials about The Nutcracker….

Dear Leath,
The Nutcracker I saw was great! excuse me! It’s not just about missing a landing or a pirouette it’s the joy the kids who are dancing their hearts out are bringing to the audience…. and that your company has in spades and that, my friend, is YOUR heart they are giving to the public… that is way beyond the technique… A show isn’t a success because of the success of the technical aspects but, at least in my view, it’s because of that joy and you have given your company that blessing far beyond the technique…. (and oh by the way…. the technique is amazing-it was hard to believe that the girls were from your company and not guests!… they were at least as good as the male guests!)

Please tell them I said so. Thanks for a lovely evening of NUTCRACKER! I wish you and yours the Happiest and Brightest of Holiday Seasons. Much love Denny

Denny Berry
Production Dance Supervisor
Associate Choreographer

“Bravo!!! You must be soo proud of your dancers…they were terrific. My kids told me Clara was Sara who came to our school and she’s 14 and they love her! You went all out for your 10th anniversary. Our students were coveting their souvenirs from the cannon fire. They are funny. Really, the parents, teachers and our VP thought it was wonderful. He (VP) was very impressed with the knowledge of the children and how they immediately recognized the dancers who came to WW. Please know that you have made a difference in their lives forever. My boys were leaping across the classroom when we got back, and my first instinct was to pull them back, but I thought why not. Congratulations and thank you!”

“I can’t go to bed without saying thank you for that beautiful performance this afternoon. It was the best you’ve ever done. The new choreography and extra bits of business really refresh the piece. You’re a miracle worker and Nutz has just gotten better and better each year, but this was the topper. You have such a wonderful gift for working with kids and it shows every year. I was pleased that the audience, which has usually provided an overlay of murmuring during past performances, were so still and quiet. To keep kids that age so attentive for two hours is a testament to your ability to bedazzle and hook them. You’re a genius.And where did you get that beautiful young Clara? I think she’s got real possibilities for a career. She just looks the part of a ballerina and is such a fine dancer already at such a tender age. Think what she’ll be by the time she’s 18.Thanks again and congratulations for another triumph.”

This is most impressive in such a competitive and famously difficult field.

I believe that I can safely say that I have been around great ballet all my life. As a young child, and the son of fine classical musicians, I was very fortunate to be taken to many ballet performances at a very early age. My father’s first job when he graduated as a pianist from the conservatory was to play piano for a ballet Company in South America. Later my father joined the Philharmonic Orchestra that performed in a beautiful theatre where I watched magnificent classical ballets like Coppélia, the Firebird, Swan Lake, and the Nutcracker. Years later, as a student at the Juilliard School, I was exposed to a different kind of ballet but just as exciting and beautiful. Then (even later) touring the world as a concert violinist, I have been able to see great ballet companies in many continents from New York, to Beijing, to Caracas, to Tokyo. I have watched mesmerizing performances by great ballet companies like the Bolshoi Ballet, the New York City Ballet, the Miami Ballet, and the Paris Opera Ballet just to name a few. I have also seen many ballet students in schools.
Last week I had the privilege of watching the Nutcracker performed by students at your school. I was deeply moved by young children of many ages giving their one-hundred-percent on stage. I first watched the performance by seating in the audience and I was very impressed by the quality of the production. The beautiful costumes rival those of many professional companies that I have seen, and the dancing that I witnessed from some of the advanced dancers was very impressive. Then I saw the ballet performance from backstage. What a privilege indeed. I saw young ballerinas leaping most impressive jumps coming off the stage and landing inches from where I was standing. Only to be hugged by their friends and colleagues in the company who were watching and encouraging one another backstage. The dancers complimented and gave words of encouragement and support to each another. This is most impressive in such a competitive and famously difficult field. Indeed at your school you have been able to achieve great ballet standards and at the same time nurture an environment of friendship and support among the dancers. These young performers do not seem to be competing with one another but instead striving to their very own high standards. It is very inspiring to see young people spending their time and energy on a quest for artistic perfection and beauty.
I was very moved by what I witnessed at your school’s performances of the Nutcracker and I will always remember them. I am very grateful that my daughter is now enrolled as a student at your school. What a privilege to be in this wonderful environment.”

Alejandro Mendoza
Concert Violinist
Violin Professor Manhattan School of Music
Violin Professor Columbia University

Testimonials about NDT Company….

YN-VCu2NABrxPExjmfQo4gkEf6UKmlq7Keud0crIDBMDear Nunnbetter Family,
What an amazing concert yesterday! I was so impressed with how much the girls have improved even MORE than they were a few months ago. Leath- you really know how to create an atmosphere where the students keep striving for the best. It is not an easy thing to do and I feel so fortunate that our kids have had this experience with you!Congrats to all the Nunnbetter moms! Your children were an inspiration!

Bravo on your Dance Company… From a new admirer. One of the very few regrets that I have from childhood is my lack of poise and balance in toe shoes. Much to my dismay, I was a supreme flop as a ballerina.

Now age 53, I’ve learned that the enjoyment that comes from watching a ballet is far more satisfying than my failed attempts at participation.

Last Sunday, Michelle Caridi Copland asked me to attend Gianna’s performance in Bergenfield. While I adore Gianna and I would support her avocational endeavors, I wasn’t really looking forward to spending a glorious afternoon in The Bergenfield High School auditorium. But, I made a promise so I abided by it.

I was truly overwhelmed with the professionalism, the caliber, the poise, and the complexity of your pieces, Mr. Nunn. I told Michelle that Nunnbetter deserves attention and accolades for both the sheer talent of these young dancers and for your extraordinary choreography. Bravo to you for what you have done to inspire these girls. I was both surprised and duly impressed.

I know that “attention” and “accolades” equates to funding. And, as today is Michelle Copland’s birthday and as she is one of my most favorite people, I am enclosing a check in the amount of $360 in honor of her special day (and in honor of Gianna, too !!).

All my best as you continue to sustain the level of excellence you have so obviously achieved, Mr. Nunn.